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Liposuction is a plastic operation to remove a certain amount of fat tissue through small punctures on the skin using specialized equipment. Liposuction is divided into different types depending on the area to be operated (abdominal liposuction, liposuction of the buttocks, liposuction of the neck, liposuction of the knee, etc.).

Liposuccion ventre Marquage
Liposuccion ventre

The main indication of surgery is the excess fat that distorts the contours of the body. Surgeons perform liposuction locally, especially on the belly, thighs, knees, neck, buttocks, etc.

Liposuction is ideal for people with the elasticity of the skin, as it forms a new contour of the body without wrinkles.

Preoperative preparation for liposuction?

Before liposuction, a patient undergoes laboratory tests. They include blood and urine testing, ECG.

Liposuction in the Dominican Republic: the advantages

Wanting to undergo liposuction, many people find some difficulty in choosing, first of all, the country where to do it. They begin to seek and ask in their surroundings to come to a decision. They must, indeed, choose a country to undergo a cosmetic surgery, in this case, liposuction.

Liposuccion technique 1
Liposuccion technique 2
Liposuccion technique


The high quality of the equipment and recognized competence of Dr. Jochy Castillo make it one of the best speakers in the field of integral liposuction in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic

It is a Caribbean sea country. Already, the announcement of the Caribbean seas can give you an idea of the beautiful stay you can spend there. This is a very encouraging first advantage. Indeed, the Dominican Republic is a very touristic country that practices properly medical tourism. Something you can rely on to benefit from a medical tourist trip, in which you can undergo liposuction.

Depending on its genetic constitution, each body can have areas that tend to accumulate unwanted fat, belly, thighs, knees, calves, hips ...

Liposuction in the Dominican Republic is an effective method to eliminate this fat. Remember that liposuction is, in fact, a method of weight loss, since the accumulated fat usually belongs to your body and if it is not eliminated with diet or sports activity, it is overweight.

Liposuction was invented by an Italian gynecologist Giorgio Fischer in 1974, although it is a French surgeon Yves Gérard, who aesthetically gives him all his credentials in 1977.

With liposuction, you can reshape your figure to your liking by removing unwanted fat from your body, without leaving any trace of the procedure.


Liposuction is a well-known and perfectly mastered technique worldwide for its excellent results in the elimination of body fat in women and men of all ages. It will be necessary to wait 6 months after the intervention to assess its full extent. 

The prices of plastic surgery, as well as the number of operations, have gradually increased year after year, according to reports from the National Academy of Plastic Surgeons in the United States.


The demand for this type of intervention and the number of specialists who provide these services invite you to

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