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Clinics of Dr Jochy Castillo in the Dominican Republic

The techniques and skills used by surgeons in the Dominican Republic can be considered the best in the world.
The quality of the all-inclusive service (care, accommodation, food, transport) as well as its tranquility and climate make it an ideal destination for medical tourism.

The Dominican Republic, but especially its capital Santo Domingo has been, for several years, a world-renowned center for its plastic and aesthetic surgery clinics, its plastic surgeons and above all its most competitive prices (travel and stay included). The majority of medical tourists visit the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery, cosmetic and aesthetic operations, as medical and health tourism in Santo Domingo is growing very rapidly in global markets in recent years.
The Dominican Republic offers world-class, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery clinics with surgical treatment options at rock-bottom prices every day and, given the temperate climate, all year round.

Clinic Rejuvenate

Dr Jochy Castillo
Liposuccion , Dr. Jochy Castillo, Dr. Jochy Castillo

Clinic Lima-Mejía

Dr Jochy Castillo
Liposuccion , Dr. Jochy Castillo
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